Follow Me On Twitter Has A Whole New Meaning

by Larry Jordan on July 11, 2009


Follow Me On Twitter

…just got a whole new meaning thanks to Gunnar Engblom.  His website, Birding Peru, not only has great stories and gorgeous photographs of exotic birds and the like, he has some ideas on social media and birding as well.

Gunnar has come up with a novel idea regarding a "Bird Bloggers Tweet Club."  It’s basically a Twitter Club For Birders and Nature Lovers (which I’m sure YOU are if you’re reading my blog).  Do you have a birding or nature blog that you would like to promote?  Would you like to get more traffic to your bird blog?

Of course you would.

You see, Gunnar was the host of the most recent incarnation of "I And The Bird" blog carnival, and what a carnival it was.  He came up with this brainstorm and presented it on the first of his two part IATB #104, the first Twitter-Friendly I and the bird!

You can start right now by clicking on that big "Follow Me On Twitter" header above (if you don’t already follow me), then click on the link to Gunnar’s Twitter Club and read all about it.  I’ll see you there!

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Dawn Fine July 12, 2009 at 6:03 am

Great stuff! I think we need people like Gunnar to show us whats up and new with this social networking stuff. He certainly has helped me allot.
Your tweetmeme is not working for some reason.
I had an issue with my last post..tweetmeme didnt work..I emailed tweetmeme people..havent heard back from them..but the tweetmeme is working for that post now.


Larry July 13, 2009 at 9:24 pm

@Dawn yes I have noticed that it is sometimes not working. Don’t know why yet. New to me but I’m sure it will progress with time.


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