Eaglets Start Flying – Redding California

by Larry Jordan on June 19, 2008


Turtle Bay Eaglets photo by Greg Barnette

Larger of Two Eaglets Starts Flying

Young expected to stay near Hwy. 44 nest as they learn to hunt

Story by Dylan Darling

One of the Turtle Bay eaglets has been testing its wings, say the scientists monitoring the pair of young birds, which have grown up in what was a controversial nest.

“At this point, everything seems normal,” said Tom Balkow, senior environmental planner in the state Department of Transportation’s Redding office. “And it sounds like they will be ready to get out of the area soon.”

Scientists saw what they think is the older and larger of the two 12- to 13-week-old eaglets fly from the nest Thursday and it didn’t return before nightfall, he said. It was spotted again Friday morning before another flight from the nest.

“Sounds like he is getting up and around,” Balkow said.

Friday afternoon, the pair of eaglets were in the nest, both spreading their wings, but not taking off.   You can read the rest of the article here:


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