Help Sharpe’s Longclaw – A 10000 Birds Conservation Project

by Larry Jordan on August 27, 2008

I hope everyone can help in this worthwhile effort to save one of our dwindling species.  The folks over at 10000 Birds have some great ideas and we are getting behind them 100%.  Besides, they are only asking for a measly buck!  I know most of you reading my blog can afford more than that!  So come on, let’s get going!

Sharpe’s Longclaw (Macronyx sharpeii) is an Endangered and highly range-restricted East African endemic species in the Motacillidae (pipits and wagtails) family. As with so many grassland endemics, this attractive bird is threatened by habitat destruction and is in serious trouble. To promote awareness of the plight of the species, and to help raise funds for research and conservation, the popular blog 10000 Birds has set up a project called the “Small African Fellowship for Conservation”. 10,000 Birds aims to raise US2000 (or more!) by a simple – and secure – online fund-raiser system called Chip In. ALL the money raised will go directly towards a one-year fellowship for field surveys and public awareness campaigns on Kenya’s Kinangop Plateau (one of only three sites with viable populations of Sharpe’s Longclaw) conducted by an inspirational local birder called Dominic Kamau Kimani. The entire project and the distribution of funds to Dominic is being coordinated by the National Museums of Kenya. 

This really is a worthwhile (and achievable) project to help save a rapidly disappearing species. Chip in, or read more about the project and Dominic at Take Action! Help Sharpe’s Longclaw


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